Hello beauties,

Sonali here again with another product review. Please do follow me on my Instagram @seoultoindia.

Today i will discuss about how hydration play a great role for our skin barrier. We have tons of Korean toners, essence & serums for giving our skin some nice hydration without feeling greasy. So coming to this wonderful serum from Innisfree and that is the Innisfree green tea seed serum.

Its white liquid lotion like runny and watery texture. Its instantly absorbs in the skin and gives a nice glow. It can be used in AM and PM routines. It can be used as a serum and an essence. It can also give the skin that extra moisture due to its lotion like texture.

I use it alternatively with my snail mucin. I keep it inside my fridge for extra cooling sensation. It can be stored in room temperature as well. After opening we need to use it up within 12 months.

Coming to its ingredient list it has alcohol. It hasn’t cause any harm to me but for some it might not be tolerable.

Please do comment if you like this product or how it’s affecting your routine. Please do let me know if any queries. Thanks in Advance

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