Hello beauties,

This is Sonali again . This time i will be writing about double cleansing. Double cleansing is a method in which we need to use oil like jojoba oil etc to cleanse make up, sunscreens.

Oil cleanser really goes into the pores of our skin and cleans all types of products use and sebum etc.

I used to think micellar water does clean all make up but it was really too harsh to rub cotton pads vigorously over eyes 😑. But woth cleansing oil cleanse all of it without being harsh. But we really need a non stripping mild cleanser as second cleanse step always after oil or balm cleanse.

I use this fabulous oil cleanser from Thank you farmer, it emulsifies to milk texture once comes in contact with water. We need to use it on dry face and 1 squeeze is enough for whole face and neck. It should be used once a day at max otherwise it might be too stripping.

I use this in my PM routine to cleanse all sunscreen ( i dont wear make up regularly). I use isntree ph 5.5 mild cleanser after this as my second cleanser. It really helped me to control my blackheads.

I have been using this since last 3 months and I really like this. This is my first oil cleanser/ balm and I love the way it works. Please let me know your views on double cleansing in comments. Thanks in advance.

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