Hello beuties,

I am currently following korean skin care method. I have a combination to oily skin type. I get pimple a lot. So pimple patches are always handy for me. I love my Cosrx pimple patches and it really does what it claims.

I will describe my night routine below

  1. Thank you Farmer cleansing oil
  2. Cosrx low ph good morning face wash
  3. Cosrx Propolis toner
  4. Cosrx snail mucin essence
  5. Innisfree green tea seed serum
  6. Cosrx blackhead power liquid (twice a week) / Olay retinol night cream (twice a week)
  7. Klairs eye awakening gel
  8. Cosrx Rice mask moisturiser / Klairs freshly juiced vitamin E mask.

My skin loves the snail mucin and i am currently on my 3rd bottle of it. In winter when the weather is dry I prefer the Cosrx balancium ceramide cream as moisturiser.

I am really not a fan of Korean sheet masks. I believe serum can be used directly for best results and I personally don’t see any drastic effects of sheet masks. So I don’t use them at all.

So here is my night time routine. I am a beginner and still trying out new products. Recently I purchased a Benton snail bee lotion and I am yet to figure out at which routine i need to introduce it. And yes of course I did a patch test on my neck first. And last but not the least, you really need a good night sleep to help your skin rejuvenate.

Thank you for reading. Good night 😴

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