In India it’s a very common consideration that if you are fair then you are beautiful. It is humiliating and disgusting at the same time. One cannot control the skin colour they get. So this article, I will be talking about how people obsessed with fair skin and a fake beauty standard which is impossible to achieve for everyone.

There are so many fairness creams ads out there which will tell you how can you get success, get a groom or be a topper just by being fair. People consider dusky skin as ugly.

If you are here for tips to get fair then Sorry to disappoint you but I don’t think skincare works that way. Skin care is basically taking care of your skin so that you won’t get pimples or early wrinkles or hyperpigmentation on your face. We maintain a proper routine to give our skin the nutrients it needs to heal and function properly.

If you want to brighten up your skin you can consider using Vitamin C and niacinamide products which helps with hyperpigmentation and dark spots reduction and gives a radiant glow. So your skin will look bright and healthy. You can ise tone up sunscreens and make up to brighten up as well.

If you want to just get fair there are many skin whitening procedures that can be done in skin clinics. A dermatologist can suggest you the best procedures which might be surgical or non-surgical to whiten your skin.

Thank you.

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