Hello beauties,

Hope everyone is doing well and keeping their skin healthy. Today I will be writing about my holy grail lip balm. It is Laneige lip sleeping mask (Berry).

Who doesn’t like a smooth and glowy pink lips. Everyone has a weakness for a healthy lip. But with ageing, extensive use of make up & lipsticks, caffeinated & alcoholic beverages our lips are literally destroyed. Lip blam at night might be helpful to repair it overnight.

So now lets go to the product review, I have been using this lip balm since 3 months and this has proved to be really beneficial for my chapped lips. I do have a real bad habit of picking my lips. Whenever it becomes dry I start picking them and it makes them more dry and uneven. I am truly sorry for this but still can’t help doing it. The situation went out of hand when I started wearing lipstick. Yes, I love lipstick and i wear it even under my mask.

I used so many brands lip balms, ghee, butter etc. But none of them worked on me. I even tried to scrub my lips with sugar scrub and baby toothbrush but it only made everything worse for me.

I have started a Korean skicare regime few months back and was really searching for something for my lips. I went through groups which discusses about skincare, YouTube channels and beauty gurus. Most of them suggested this Laneige lip sleeping mask for lip care. So, Finally I got my hands on this bomb lip sleeping mask and trust me it does what it claims. It made my lips super moisturised all the time and it doesn’t feel dry anymore. It really changed my life. I almost stopped picking and my lips look super healthy


While there are so many pros to it, we shall discuss the cons as well. It is super expensive according tome. 8g comes with price tag of Rs. 500. And also, I think only berry flavour is moisturising enough. The other flavours are really not good. They dry my lips out. I will definitely re-purchase this until I find a good alternative to my Laneige lip sleeping mask (Berry).

For day time use, I find my the body shop vitamin E lipblam with spf 15 to be very helpful. It is moisturising and has an added spf to it to protect my lips from any sun damage. It needs to re-applied through out the day but i like this one as well.

I am really looking forward to try the Cosrx lip care range. I still can’t find it anywhere in India. Once it is available, I will definitely try it. It has a whole range of lip scrub, plumper, exfoliater and sleeping mask.

On the other note, I really love to wear lipstick. My favourite one the MAC ruby woo lipstick. This comes in a mini version with 1.8 gm and cute little package. This colour suits my skin tone and brightens it.

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