In this post we will be talking about the Isntree Hyaluronic acid toner. I have used both the blue and white ones. It is said that the white one is for dry skin type and blue one is for oily skin type.

Texture is viscous I can do 3 layers of this toner, especially when my skin is feeling more dehydrated than usual. Leaves no tacky residue. It only feels a little sticky while it’s being absorbed. Once fully absorbed, the finish is smooth and the skin feels plump. As i am in a humid part of the country I felt it worked well fo my combination skin.

It takes care of the small flakes you may have on the skin and provides good hydration. I’ve also noticed that the skin gets less oily when I use this. This means it’s doing a great job at balancing the oil-water content of the skin, I personally didn’t like it as my skin is already combination to oily.

Hyaluronic acid is a very safe ingredient since it’s a naturally occurring substance in our body and can be used with all types of actives. Hence, there was no irritation and hasn’t caused any breakouts so far. Not only that, but I feel like it also reduces redness. It doesn’t disrupt my makeup.

Cons- Hyaluronic acid works by getting moisture from weather. So if you are in a humid condition then it will work the best but when its dry outside it will make your skin more dehydrated by absorbing moisture from your skin.

My verdict- I personally didn’t like it much as it made my skin more oily and probably not helpful in winter as weather will ne dry. So I won’t re-purchase this. I will stick to my Cosrx centella toner and I’m from rice toner.😇

Hope this helps you choose your toner. Thank you.

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