Once this series released in Netflix, everyone started raving about it. I had no choice but to watch because I am too afraid of getting any spoilers. I started with it and what can i say its just wonderful. I happen to complete all 10 episodes within 2days that too working days😶🤷🏻‍♀️.

xxx Spoiler Alerts xxx

The Overall Review:

The series overall is very vibrant, will keep you on the edge, actors have done a wonderful job, every other character developments are far better than the main character (protagonist – Seong Gi Eun). I would say its definitely a binge-worthy series to watch. It has mystery, thriller, suspense, action, drama, emotional sentiments and there are parts where you might get hella cringed but I’m gonna let that go ’cause obviously for Netflix they had to westernise the series with American touch. So, overall it is binge-worthy but a one time watch series. Yet, a recommendable one though!

Season 1 – My Personal Intakes:

The whole series is more focused on how the games are being played by the players instead of showing us what is the purpose of such massacres? As the players are all poor, has lot of debts and homeless who needs money to survive are being killed if they lose the game or the time is up. I was wondering what could be the main reason behind it?

– Is it to vanish poverty line in the country?

– Is it to show how money & the greediness can make people go crazy and desperate to kill each other?

– Or both?

The back stories, VIPs, Old Man’s purpose of inventing this game, the side story of Police character (Jun Ho) and Protagonist’s vengeance towards this game – a lot things are left unclear! If there is a Season 2 I would like to get some closure here because the ending just upsets me, everything was going well until the writer thought some cliche anti-climax concept in the end to finish it off.

Character Developments:

The main reason why it kept me on the edge throughout the series was because of such amazing character developments happened constantly. The actors pulled it off so well with their acting that somehow you will bond with them emotionally while watching it.

The best scene with the best twist was when all the players had to choose one partner for the marbles game which they did but it turns out to be a competition between the two partners!

That whole episode had kept me on an emotional turmoil.

The best character I would say is the girl who partners up with Kang Sae Byeok for the Marbles game. Her role is very short yet so crisp! She gives such a powerful impact by playing that role and the emotional connectivity you would feel is literally brilliant.

And there are very Notable characters who had an impact throughout the series like Kang Sae Byeok who was like a Bruised Lone Wolf, almost made it towards the end, Ali who brought the innocence to next level, Deoksu the gangsta, Mi Nyeo equally acted so well, Sang Woo the manipulative & cunning guy who brought great twists and Jun Ho the Police who gives you the insights about the game and the controller.

The character of Old Man was very innocent in the beginning but later we come to know that he was the mastermind behind Squid Game. But the reason he invented this game was only to have one last fun before dying. That’s it? Yeah, that’s it!

The character of Seong Gi Eun (Protagonist) is not likeable but bearable. The whole series revolves around him so you can already predict who’s gonna win the prize money. This character is bearable because of him being empathetic at heart but still he was a useless father who gambles. Somehow he remains stupid till the end where he decides to avenge who’s behind the game instead of being a better father for his daughter or using that money for some good cause or anything but No! All he wants to do is go back to the same hell again.

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