Hello beauties,

Hope you all are doing well. Today I will be writing about a bomb product which I recently tried. Its a toner from Tonymoly’s wonder line. So there are 3 toners which is available currently

  1. Tonymoly wonder ceramide toner
  2. Tonymoly wonder rice toner
  3. Tonymoly wonder tea tree pore fresh toner

I didn’t really like anything else fron this brand but when i saw a lot of reviews on it , I decided to try it out. I am writing this review because I really loved these toners. These are super economical with 500ml toner costing somewhat arround ₹950. You can always get some discounts while getting it.

Tonymoly wonder ceramide toner- This is milky liquid with consistency like a emulsion. It is comaparable with the Etude house emulsion. It is really mice for dry skin and winter. As we all know our skin barrier has ceramides so this toner will be helpful for people with damaged skin barrier and dry skin. You can use this for seven skin method as well. I have oily skin so i use it in my morning routine with very light moisturiser and followed by sunscreen. I do only one layer.

Tonymoly wonder rice toner- This is also like milky liquid with consistency of emulsion. It is so much similar to my all time favourite I’m from rice toner. It is way cheaper that its I’m from counterpart. It helps with brightening the skin. It is also very moisturising like the ceramide one. People with all types of skin can use it.

Tonymoly wonder tea tree pore fresh toner- This has a very watery consistency. It is similar to those watery hydrating toners we get in k-beauty market. It is a holy grail for oily and acne prone skin. It helps with pore care as well. I use it whenever I feel like. I kept it in a spray bottle and use it like a mist. If you have dry skim you can ise it but need to follow up with a heavy moisturiser.

All these toners are super cheap and will last for ages. But sadly the self life after opening is 12 months like most products. So you might not be able to finish all toners within time as they all come in 500ml packages. So I would suggest to try one at a time.

Thanks in advance.

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