Hello all,

This is a review post for k-drama called Alice in Borderland. It is available in Netflix. If you liked squid game like literally rest of whole damn world you will love this intense storyline. There is a whole manga available for this , if you can find it you will enjoy that as well. I really love mangas, please let me know if you love it . I will try to list down few mangas with review.

The whole show keeps me stuck in my seat. I really liked the games and the interaction between the “players”.

The main plot, who’s behind the strings, and stuff like that isn’t important to me but the action itself and the game solving.

Why the main plot isn’t that important? Some people went hastily to read the manga, if you are used to this kind of show like Lost, you’ll realize easily what is this about, do not consider this as a spoiler as this is stated in almost every single third party information you can find about this series.

So it is dummy to kinda read a book to the half and not ending it because someone else told you the end and you somehow consider it silly or dumb, do not be too rational on a fiction work. Yeah, that’s the whole reason of mangas, anime, books, movies, series, go beyond human reason or logic.


Make yourself a favor and do not waste time with the manga, UNLESS, you want to treat the series and the manga as different beasts. The stuff between both has been changed and I think that maybe season 2 will have a surprise. I feel sorry for those who skip this because the manga, cause graphic violence, the puzzle-solving, and the interaction between actors and actresses is way superior to whatever one can print on a paper.

In the end, it is hard these days to create very original plots, and making those plots interesting to the viewer is harder and being a success with an original plot is like winning the lottery.

So Im fine with good CGI, consistent script, good acting and nice subplots. Enjoy.

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