Hello beauties,

Today I will be writing about my winter routine. Winter in India is mostly cold and dry. Plus there is sun all day long. My skin type is combination to oily. I live in a humid place but winter is very dry here. So I have to make changes in my skincare routine accordingly.

Normally I prefer hydrating products for my dehydrated and oily skin but now i am clinging towards products with more moisturising ingredients like ceramides. Our skin barrier is created by ceramides only, when our skin is dry and dehydrated the barrier is damaged. So here comes ceramides for rescue.

Also I don’t use face wash twice a day anymore. Once a day is more than enough for me. I have replaced my cosrx salicylic acid gentle cleanser with the rovectin skin conditioning cleanser because its a lot less stripping for me. My skin started feeling very tight after using the Cosrx so I moved to a hydrating water cleanser after my oil cleanser.

My morning routine during winter:

1. No facewash, only water splashes during showers

2. Tonymoly wonder ceramide toner. It is very moisturising toner. My skin doesn’t feel tight and dehydrated till evening after I started using it.

3. One thing centella toner. Its very watery and I kept it in a spray bottle to splash it in between steps

4. Innisfree green tea seed serum

5. Cosrx balancium comfort ceramide cream . It is my holy grail moisturiser for winter. It was too heavy for me during summer so I saved it for dry winter time

6. Biore uv essence. I started it recently instead of my innisfree no sebum sunscreen because its very moisturising and watery. Even i am home, i do re-apply every 3 hours with 2 finger full sunscreen . It has zero white cast and gives a nice glow.

My night routine for winter:

1. Thank you farmer cleansing oil . As i am skipping cleansing in morning this double cleansing is very important to remove pollutants and sunscreen.

2. Rovectin conditioning skin cleanser as my water cleanser or second cleanser

3. Tonymoly wonder ceramide toner

4. Cosrx snail mucin

5. Cosrx BHA twice a week for combating blackheads/ Olay retinol twice a week

6. Cosrx balancium ceramide cream

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