J-drama review- Alice in the Borderland

Hello all,

This is a review post for k-drama called Alice in Borderland. It is available in Netflix. If you liked squid game like literally rest of whole damn world you will love this intense storyline. There is a whole manga available for this , if you can find it you will enjoy that as well. I really love mangas, please let me know if you love it . I will try to list down few mangas with review.

The whole show keeps me stuck in my seat. I really liked the games and the interaction between the “players”.

The main plot, who’s behind the strings, and stuff like that isn’t important to me but the action itself and the game solving.

Why the main plot isn’t that important? Some people went hastily to read the manga, if you are used to this kind of show like Lost, you’ll realize easily what is this about, do not consider this as a spoiler as this is stated in almost every single third party information you can find about this series.

So it is dummy to kinda read a book to the half and not ending it because someone else told you the end and you somehow consider it silly or dumb, do not be too rational on a fiction work. Yeah, that’s the whole reason of mangas, anime, books, movies, series, go beyond human reason or logic.


Make yourself a favor and do not waste time with the manga, UNLESS, you want to treat the series and the manga as different beasts. The stuff between both has been changed and I think that maybe season 2 will have a surprise. I feel sorry for those who skip this because the manga, cause graphic violence, the puzzle-solving, and the interaction between actors and actresses is way superior to whatever one can print on a paper.

In the end, it is hard these days to create very original plots, and making those plots interesting to the viewer is harder and being a success with an original plot is like winning the lottery.

So Im fine with good CGI, consistent script, good acting and nice subplots. Enjoy.

Tonymoly wonder toners

Hello beauties,

Hope you all are doing well. Today I will be writing about a bomb product which I recently tried. Its a toner from Tonymoly’s wonder line. So there are 3 toners which is available currently

  1. Tonymoly wonder ceramide toner
  2. Tonymoly wonder rice toner
  3. Tonymoly wonder tea tree pore fresh toner

I didn’t really like anything else fron this brand but when i saw a lot of reviews on it , I decided to try it out. I am writing this review because I really loved these toners. These are super economical with 500ml toner costing somewhat arround ₹950. You can always get some discounts while getting it.

Tonymoly wonder ceramide toner- This is milky liquid with consistency like a emulsion. It is comaparable with the Etude house emulsion. It is really mice for dry skin and winter. As we all know our skin barrier has ceramides so this toner will be helpful for people with damaged skin barrier and dry skin. You can use this for seven skin method as well. I have oily skin so i use it in my morning routine with very light moisturiser and followed by sunscreen. I do only one layer.

Tonymoly wonder rice toner- This is also like milky liquid with consistency of emulsion. It is so much similar to my all time favourite I’m from rice toner. It is way cheaper that its I’m from counterpart. It helps with brightening the skin. It is also very moisturising like the ceramide one. People with all types of skin can use it.

Tonymoly wonder tea tree pore fresh toner- This has a very watery consistency. It is similar to those watery hydrating toners we get in k-beauty market. It is a holy grail for oily and acne prone skin. It helps with pore care as well. I use it whenever I feel like. I kept it in a spray bottle and use it like a mist. If you have dry skim you can ise it but need to follow up with a heavy moisturiser.

All these toners are super cheap and will last for ages. But sadly the self life after opening is 12 months like most products. So you might not be able to finish all toners within time as they all come in 500ml packages. So I would suggest to try one at a time.

Thanks in advance.

Netflix Series: Squid Game review

Once this series released in Netflix, everyone started raving about it. I had no choice but to watch because I am too afraid of getting any spoilers. I started with it and what can i say its just wonderful. I happen to complete all 10 episodes within 2days that too working days😶🤷🏻‍♀️.

xxx Spoiler Alerts xxx

The Overall Review:

The series overall is very vibrant, will keep you on the edge, actors have done a wonderful job, every other character developments are far better than the main character (protagonist – Seong Gi Eun). I would say its definitely a binge-worthy series to watch. It has mystery, thriller, suspense, action, drama, emotional sentiments and there are parts where you might get hella cringed but I’m gonna let that go ’cause obviously for Netflix they had to westernise the series with American touch. So, overall it is binge-worthy but a one time watch series. Yet, a recommendable one though!

Season 1 – My Personal Intakes:

The whole series is more focused on how the games are being played by the players instead of showing us what is the purpose of such massacres? As the players are all poor, has lot of debts and homeless who needs money to survive are being killed if they lose the game or the time is up. I was wondering what could be the main reason behind it?

– Is it to vanish poverty line in the country?

– Is it to show how money & the greediness can make people go crazy and desperate to kill each other?

– Or both?

The back stories, VIPs, Old Man’s purpose of inventing this game, the side story of Police character (Jun Ho) and Protagonist’s vengeance towards this game – a lot things are left unclear! If there is a Season 2 I would like to get some closure here because the ending just upsets me, everything was going well until the writer thought some cliche anti-climax concept in the end to finish it off.

Character Developments:

The main reason why it kept me on the edge throughout the series was because of such amazing character developments happened constantly. The actors pulled it off so well with their acting that somehow you will bond with them emotionally while watching it.

The best scene with the best twist was when all the players had to choose one partner for the marbles game which they did but it turns out to be a competition between the two partners!

That whole episode had kept me on an emotional turmoil.

The best character I would say is the girl who partners up with Kang Sae Byeok for the Marbles game. Her role is very short yet so crisp! She gives such a powerful impact by playing that role and the emotional connectivity you would feel is literally brilliant.

And there are very Notable characters who had an impact throughout the series like Kang Sae Byeok who was like a Bruised Lone Wolf, almost made it towards the end, Ali who brought the innocence to next level, Deoksu the gangsta, Mi Nyeo equally acted so well, Sang Woo the manipulative & cunning guy who brought great twists and Jun Ho the Police who gives you the insights about the game and the controller.

The character of Old Man was very innocent in the beginning but later we come to know that he was the mastermind behind Squid Game. But the reason he invented this game was only to have one last fun before dying. That’s it? Yeah, that’s it!

The character of Seong Gi Eun (Protagonist) is not likeable but bearable. The whole series revolves around him so you can already predict who’s gonna win the prize money. This character is bearable because of him being empathetic at heart but still he was a useless father who gambles. Somehow he remains stupid till the end where he decides to avenge who’s behind the game instead of being a better father for his daughter or using that money for some good cause or anything but No! All he wants to do is go back to the same hell again.

My Pore care routine

Hello beauties,

This post is about how to take care of pores and keeping them clean.

Please consider that your pores don’t look that bad as it looks with magnifying mirrors or Phone camera. So be kind to yourself and be practical. Don’t unnecessarily touch them to clog more. Some people have bigger pores genetically. We can’t really change the size of pores by topical products but can make them look clean and clog free.

1. Cleansing : Double cleansing method really helped me to make my face squeaky clean. You can use any cleansing oil or cleansing balm to wash off all pollutants, make up and sunscreens. Then cleanse with mild foaming face wash to cleanse remaining residue. My personal fav is Thank you Farmer cleansing oil followed by Cosrx low ph good morning face wash.

After cleansing I use a clay mask from innisfree volcanic range to keep my pores un-clogged. But its a bit drying and that’s why i use it only once a week and don’t keep it more than 10 minutes. I keep spraying water over it so that it wont be over dried and harsh on my skin.

2. Exfoliate: I have combination to our skin and I exfoliate at-least twice a week with chemical exfoliator in my night routine. BHAs goes deep down your skin and helps controlling sebum production, hence the blackhead reduces. My personal favourite is Cosrx BHA power liquid.

3. Retinol: I use retinol twice or thrice a week to keep acne at bay. It have seen good changes after i am used to it. I use the olay retinol night cream. I follow up with moisturiser as it makes skin flaky and dry if used alone.

4. Sunscreen: There is no point of having a 10 step skincare routine when you don’t use sunscreen. I wear sunscreen every day even when i am home. I re-apply every 2 hours if going out. 2 full finger/ 1 teaspoon amount is enough for face neck and ears. I am currently using the Innisfree no sebum sunscreen. It has a white cast but goes away in minutes.

All about sunscreen

Physical Sunscreen:

According to skin experts physical sunscreens are fine particles of minerals – commonly titanium dioxide and zinc oxide – that sit on the surface of the skin and reflect, as well as absorb, UV radiation. While physical UV filters can be found alone in sunscreens, they can also be used alongside chemical filters in a synergistic way to create very high-SPF, non-irritating sunscreens in light, breathable formulations.

Pros: As they are usually thicker and whiter than a chemical sunscreen formula, it is easy to see where physical sunscreens have been applied and when they have rubbed off. This helps ensure sensitive areas are covered and protection levels better maintained. Physical UV filters are growing in popularity, as they can be less irritating for sensitive skinthan certain chemical filters.

Cons: A physical sunscreen is often heavier and thicker on the skin than a chemical sunscreen with the same SPF. Therefore, physical sunscreens might not be the best choice for oily and acne prone skin. Additionally, mineral actives alone often offer less protection from damaging UVA radiation than chemical filters.

Chemical Sunscreen:

The vast majority of sunscreens found on pharmacy shelves fall into the chemical (also known as organic) category. These sunscreens contain active sun filters that absorb UV light to prevent from causing damage.

Pros: Chemical sunscreens are able to provide highly effective protection without necessarily needing to be in high concentrations. This means they can be formulated with a lightweight, non-sticky feel that is ideal for daily wear. They spread easily on the skin and, as the chemical filters do not have a physical presence, there is no ghosting effect.

Compound formulas with multiple filters can be used to ensure the most effective broad-spectrum protection from both UVA &UVB Rays. This is vital as, while many people understand the risk associated with UVB rays, UVA rays – which cannot be felt – represent 95% of UV rays on the earth’s surface. They penetrate more deeply into the skin and play a significant role in accelerating premature ageing.

It is essential to protect against both types of ultraviolet rays, as lack of protection over time can lead to deterioration in the skin cells, irreversibly damaging the DNA, and potentially leading to the development of skin cancer.

Cons: Some chemical UV filters have been known to cause allergic reactions and irritation in sensitive skin. Concerns have also been raised over the years about potential free radical damage from long-term use. However, most modern formulas contain antioxidants to safeguard your skin’s health, now and into the future.

Isntree Hyaluronic acid Toner Review


In this post we will be talking about the Isntree Hyaluronic acid toner. I have used both the blue and white ones. It is said that the white one is for dry skin type and blue one is for oily skin type.

Texture is viscous I can do 3 layers of this toner, especially when my skin is feeling more dehydrated than usual. Leaves no tacky residue. It only feels a little sticky while it’s being absorbed. Once fully absorbed, the finish is smooth and the skin feels plump. As i am in a humid part of the country I felt it worked well fo my combination skin.

It takes care of the small flakes you may have on the skin and provides good hydration. I’ve also noticed that the skin gets less oily when I use this. This means it’s doing a great job at balancing the oil-water content of the skin, I personally didn’t like it as my skin is already combination to oily.

Hyaluronic acid is a very safe ingredient since it’s a naturally occurring substance in our body and can be used with all types of actives. Hence, there was no irritation and hasn’t caused any breakouts so far. Not only that, but I feel like it also reduces redness. It doesn’t disrupt my makeup.

Cons- Hyaluronic acid works by getting moisture from weather. So if you are in a humid condition then it will work the best but when its dry outside it will make your skin more dehydrated by absorbing moisture from your skin.

My verdict- I personally didn’t like it much as it made my skin more oily and probably not helpful in winter as weather will ne dry. So I won’t re-purchase this. I will stick to my Cosrx centella toner and I’m from rice toner.😇

Hope this helps you choose your toner. Thank you.

All you need for lipcare

Hello beauties,

Hope everyone is doing well and keeping their skin healthy. Today I will be writing about my holy grail lip balm. It is Laneige lip sleeping mask (Berry).

Who doesn’t like a smooth and glowy pink lips. Everyone has a weakness for a healthy lip. But with ageing, extensive use of make up & lipsticks, caffeinated & alcoholic beverages our lips are literally destroyed. Lip blam at night might be helpful to repair it overnight.

So now lets go to the product review, I have been using this lip balm since 3 months and this has proved to be really beneficial for my chapped lips. I do have a real bad habit of picking my lips. Whenever it becomes dry I start picking them and it makes them more dry and uneven. I am truly sorry for this but still can’t help doing it. The situation went out of hand when I started wearing lipstick. Yes, I love lipstick and i wear it even under my mask.

I used so many brands lip balms, ghee, butter etc. But none of them worked on me. I even tried to scrub my lips with sugar scrub and baby toothbrush but it only made everything worse for me.

I have started a Korean skicare regime few months back and was really searching for something for my lips. I went through groups which discusses about skincare, YouTube channels and beauty gurus. Most of them suggested this Laneige lip sleeping mask for lip care. So, Finally I got my hands on this bomb lip sleeping mask and trust me it does what it claims. It made my lips super moisturised all the time and it doesn’t feel dry anymore. It really changed my life. I almost stopped picking and my lips look super healthy


While there are so many pros to it, we shall discuss the cons as well. It is super expensive according tome. 8g comes with price tag of Rs. 500. And also, I think only berry flavour is moisturising enough. The other flavours are really not good. They dry my lips out. I will definitely re-purchase this until I find a good alternative to my Laneige lip sleeping mask (Berry).

For day time use, I find my the body shop vitamin E lipblam with spf 15 to be very helpful. It is moisturising and has an added spf to it to protect my lips from any sun damage. It needs to re-applied through out the day but i like this one as well.

I am really looking forward to try the Cosrx lip care range. I still can’t find it anywhere in India. Once it is available, I will definitely try it. It has a whole range of lip scrub, plumper, exfoliater and sleeping mask.

On the other note, I really love to wear lipstick. My favourite one the MAC ruby woo lipstick. This comes in a mini version with 1.8 gm and cute little package. This colour suits my skin tone and brightens it.